Building on the evolution of “Ten Years In The Pubs” and a significant number of performances since the last CD, FinTan rekindles its partnership with QCA music Studios to produce its best album yet. Excursion highlights the band’s six-part harmony skills, and more complex instrumental arrangements including influences gained from playing in Ireland and Scotland. Irish, Scottish and Newfoundland songs make up this exciting playlist and the original FinTan song “Thousand Miles or More” is also included. This album also includes a number of live tracks which truly capture the energy and fun of a FinTan live performance.

Ten Years In the Pubs


FinTan, delivers more entertaining traditional Irish music that gets your toes tapping and puts a smile on your face. A blend of traditional and modern Irish songs, "Ten Years" highlights the band's maturation and continued musical growth without ever losing sight of their Irish musical roots. Fast paced, acoustic music with multi-layered harmony is the foundation of FinTan's sound, but with the addition of the mandolin, accordion and 6 string electric bass, "Ten Years" showcases how far the band has come from its humble 4-piece, acoustic beginning. This is the band’s 3rd recording with noted musician and engineer, Malkum Gibson, and all of the tracks were meticulously crafted at Smallwood Studio including the hauntingly beautiful original "The Mists of Ireland" and a special bonus live track of the often-requested Swallowtail medley. "Ten Years In the Pubs" is a "must have" album for any Irish music lover and every FinTan fan.

Hooked!: FinTan Live


Recorded in May before a live audience of 140+ FinTan fans, the new recording focuses on the energy of a live performance with the band. The band’s second effort with noted recording engineer and musician, Malkum Gibson; the album is full of high energy Irish music and puts the listener front and center of a live FinTan performance.



A tour-de-force showcasing their traditional roots and high-energy contemporary sound, FinTan’s most recent album boasts an expanded line-up and powerhouse sound.



Firmly established in the Midwest’s Irish music scene, FinTan recorded this in front of a capacity crowd at Dayton Ohio’s Patterson Room to make this CD.

Black & Tan


FinTan came out with their second album in two years, delighting fans with multi-part harmonies and expansive instrumentation on both traditional and popular music.

FishDance (No Longer Available)


FinTan's freshman effort is a mixture of Irish pub songs, other modern songs in that style and medieval songs common to many Ren Fairs