Hieland Sodger

High up amang yon Hieland hills
There lives a canny maiden
She’s gone out one fine summer’s night
To watch all the soldiers paradin’

And they looked sae braw as they marched awa’
The drums they did rattle and the pipes they did blaw
Which caused young Mary for to weep and say
I (will) follow my Hieland sodger

(Ah) But Mary dear my wage (it) is small
And what if in battle I should fall
I hae to gang hame to your Hieland hall
Theink nae mair on a soldier laddie!


Ah I hae twenty pounds in store
And I gae a herd about ten times more
I’ll gi’em to the laddie I adore
And I’ll follow my Hieland laddie


Repeat 1st verse